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Kyle Ledson - Left It All Behind 2021


1. Appear  (Kyle Ledson)

2. The Bend  (Kyle Ledson)

3. No Footprints  (Kyle Ledson)

4. Jack Straw  (Bob Weir & Robert Hunter)

5. Meant to Be  (Kyle Ledson)

6. Wait Until the Sun Comes Out  (Kyle Ledson)

7. He Ain't Coming Home  (Kyle Ledson)

8. Off the Rails  (Kyle Ledson)

9. Left It All Behind  (Kyle Ledson)

10. If You're Ever in Oklahoma  (J.J. Cale)

11. Better Day  (Kyle Ledson)

12. I Will Follow You into the Dark  (Ben Gibbard)


Kyle Ledson - Mr. Lucky 2018 single

Kyle Ledson - Mr. Lucky 2018


Mr. Lucky  (Kyle Ledson)


Kyle Ledson - Crooked Mandolin 2016


1. Never Loved Me  (Kyle Ledson)

2. Don't Come to Me  (Kyle Ledson)

3. Road Signs  (Kyle Ledson)

4. Sleepy Willow part 1  (Kyle Ledson)

5. Sleepy Willow part 2  (Kyle Ledson)

6. Crooked Mandolin  (Kyle Ledson) Instrumental

7. The West Was Burning  (Martha Scanlan)