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Kyle Ledson - Crooked Mandolin



The streets are filled with road signs as far as I can see

The first one says there's a dead end it doesn't look like that to me

The alleyways are dark and there's a big cloud in sky

I can't see the sun but i can see right through your lies


You don't know me

And I'm still afraid of you

I'm all bark and your all bite and

I'm still talking I can't listen

We are broken and you're running away

From the branches and the brambles and the roof above the trees

Footsteps on the barren path and secrets in the breeze

Thought I could see farther than I'd ever seen before

I knew that I was fighting but who was I fighting for


Help me to understand why you must be alone

Like being gone when you are wrong and never coming home

It's the farthest thing from love but it is closest to my heart

I'm gonna back up from the finish line and find out how it starts


As all the years pass by me, my freedom I hold true

But all this time running I'd still love to be with you

So I'll just keep on traveling down this barren path astray

You never learned to come but you mastered how to stay


© 2016 Kyle Ledson All rights reserved. Lyrics used by permission only.